Severance Negotiations

Houston Severance Lawyer

Many employers offer severance or “separation pay” to their employees if they are laid off or terminated. In exchange, employers typically require the employee to sign a Severance Agreement or Release Agreement — wherein the employee agrees to release the employer from any and all claims they might have in exchange for a payment of some amount of money.

These agreements also typically contain a confidentiality provision (meaning you will not talk about your settlement), a non-disparagement provision (meaning you will not talk badly about the company), a no rehire provision (meaning you are not eligible for rehire), a non-competition clause, and other similar provisions.

Generally, an employer is required to give an employee at least seven (7) days to sign and return the agreement. However, in other situations the employer must give the employee 21 days (when the employee is 40+ years old) or even 45 days (in the case of a reduction in workforce) to read and sign the agreement.

Most employees want to know if what they have been offered is fair and reasonable. Others simply want help negotiating a better separation package. Either way, it is extremely important to have an experienced employment attorney review the agreement and evaluate all potential claims you might have against the company. And given the short time deadlines typically given to workers, it is important that you seek a review promptly.

Since 1989, Debes Law Firm has represented hundreds of executives and other workers in severance negotiations to help them obtain the best possible severance package available. You only get one opportunity to negotiate severance. Make sure you hire someone with the experience needed to do it right. Contact Debes Law Firm for a free case evaluation here or call us at 713.623.0900.